Hire Live Entertainment at Your Party

Booking dancers

Looking for having more fun at your party?
MAHANA H.T. has got all the original  Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian (Polynesian) dance , you want, whatever the occasion; whether it is for after-dinner entertainment, an interactive dance act for birthday party for a family member, company event, wedding party, a full-scale party show with close friends or Hawaiian-beach-themed dance entertainment.

We can also provide bespoke dancers and shows to suit every individual’s theme, event or occasion.

From our experience as a party planner you have many factors to consider as you select the ways of performance:

Tips :  The more detailed  information you share with us, the more suitable result we can provide.

  1. Venue type                        
  2. Occasion
  3. Budget & Time allocated    
  4. Venue/Stage capacity   
  5. Age range

Please feel free to contact us  for more information using the contact form below. And we can design a personalized email with the best way of performance that matches your target.